About PATH

Leadership & Governance

PATH is governed by a Steering Committee comprising representatives of each of the partner organizations.

The Steering Committee provides strategic direction and overall leadership to PATH, having the final word on decisions regarding projects and the expenditure of funds.

PATH Steering Committee

Steering Committee Purpose and Structure

  • Overarching governing body of PATH; final word on activities and products
  • Develop strategies to carry out the Coalition’s charge and direct Coalition task forces to implement them.
  • Made up of representatives from each member organization and relevant government agencies.
  • Each organization may designate 1 – 2 representatives, but each organization gets only one vote.
  • Each organization selects its representatives; may be staff or members.
  • Representatives should have decision-making power or direct access to the decision-making mechanism of their organizations.

Steering Committee Roster

Alvin M. Matsumoto (ASBMR); co-chair
Hubert Vesper (CDC); co-chair
Alicia Algeciras-Schimnich (ATA)
Andy Hoofnagle (CAP)
Donald Walt Chandler (LabCorp)
Sanwat N. Chaudhurei (APHL)
Nigel Clarke (Quest Diagnostics)
Mehul Dalal (NACDD)
Esther Eisenberg (NICHD)
Robert Fitzgerald (AACC)
Douglas Fesler (ASBMR)
John (Jack) Fuqua (PES)
Luigi Garibaldi (PES)
Alex Katayev (LabCorp)
Larry Katznelson (Endocrine Society)
Michael McPhaul (Quest Diagnostics)
Darius Paduch (AUA)
Jo Ann Pinkerton (NAMS)
Hershel Raff (Endocrine Society)
Robert Rej (APHL)
Frank Stanczyk (AEPCOS)
Christina Wang (ISA)
Ronald Whitley (AACC)